Contact:  Kim Benson, 7-12 Phone: 205-280-2822
         Kacey Sim, K-6 Phone: 205-280-2820
Verbena High School Guidance Services

Guidance Services are provided for every student at Verbena High School.  Our main emphasis are on academic development, career development and personal/social development.  Individual counseling is available to help students plan ways to handle problems, set goals, and overcome difficulties.  Small groups assist students with similar goals and objectives.  School Counselors do not provide in-depth therapy sessions, but are here to work with students on school and adjustment issues. 

Parents may contact the counselors at anytime in regards to specific concerns with their child. 
SAT vs. ACT 

Colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT. Some students score better on the SAT and others do better on the ACT.

SAT has a stronger emphasis on vocabulary.
ACT questions tends to be more straightforward.
ACT test more advanced math concepts.
ACT has a science section while the SAT does not.
ACT Writing Test is optional, but required by many schools. (See more about banking score.)